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We begin providing landscaping services every year in Spring. We invite clients to explore our various offerings, and take advantage to keep your yard thriving. 
If you are interested in adding any service to your property, please contact our office.



The best way to keep your property tidy and beautiful, is to invest in weekly maintenance! One of our trained crews will visit your property weekly to mow, blow, and lightly prune if needed. Additional duties, such as weeding, may carry an extra fee. At this time we do not offer bi-weekly maintenance, but do offer monthly clean-ups for interested customers.



For clients interested in healthy, flourishing yards without lifting a finger, we offer full-service irrigation. From activation to winterization, we will monitor, adjust, and repair your sprinkler system throughout the growing season. By selecting this option, you pre-authorize Perennial Nursery Incorporated to dispatch representatives as needed to make repairs or adjustments to your system without prior notice.



After the snow has melted, one of our professional crews will collect and remove unwanted debris that has collected on your property over winter; including pine needles, tree limbs, and weeds. The cost of this service is dependent on the size and composition of the property, as well as owner/manager desires. For an accurate quote, please contact our office.



This service will help to maintain the overall vigor of your lawn and plants by means of fertilizing and/or applying pest repellent as needed. The number of applications may vary each year, but usually range from 1-3 in total.


Perennial provides back-flow prevention device testing for all irrigation and non-irrigation devices on clients' property.



Fall is the ideal time to begin wrapping and staking your trees and shrubs for the heavy Sierra snow. This service is usually performed by a crew for ½ day or full day increments. Charge is based on time and materials.



There are many amazing native and non-native options available to enhance your property here in Lake Tahoe. With over 40 years in the business, we bring a rich knowledge of ‘what grows here’, and can advise on plan that works for your unique situation.Call to set up an appointment to meet with one of our very knowledgeable staff who can assist you in your decision.


Irrigation problems happen, which is why we provide on-call irrigation services to all of our clients. All work will need at least a 24 hour notice to guarantee service in a timely manner, and service will occur on a first come first served basis. Please be advised that Perennial Nursery Inc. does not accept responsibility for any damages due to negligence by the owner and/or their agents- all authorized personnel on the ‘service agreement’



To keep your lawn healthy and thriving, we offer aeration/de-thatching a few time during the growing season.

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